The Beggar Meets the Rajah

(A Parable)

There was a beggar man in India. He had begged all day in the heat of the day and all he had was a few spoonfuls of rice in his little begging bowl. While he was sitting there toward the end of the day wondering whether to or not quit, he looked up and saw in the distance a big elephant caravan coming along kicking up clouds of dust. When it got to him, he realized it was the Rajah, the prince of the province. Immediately he cried out in aloud voice, “Rajah, mighty Rajah, have mercy on one of your poor servants, remember me in pity.” He was hoping to be thrown a penny, but to his surprise the command was given to the elephants to halt. The prince climbed down the rope ladder, walked over to the beggar and held out his hand. In a calming voice he said, “Beggar man, give me some rice”. The beggar was shocked in disbelief, but he reached down into his little brown begging bowl and counted out one – two – three – four – five – grains of his hard won rice into the outstretched hand of the prince. “Thank you,” said the prince. He then turned, climbed back to the top of the elephant and the whole caravan moved on.

The beggar man sat in the dust and tears began to run down his cheeks as he looked at the departing caravan. He said, “The prince asked me for something”. Through his tears he looked down into his little begging bowl and saw something glittering. To his astonishment he counted out one – two – three – four – five – grains of gold! You could hear his cry for along way. “Oh Raja, if only I had known, I would have given you everything”

As Christians, like the beggar, one day in our need we cried out to Jesus to have mercy and save us. He not only saved us but, like the prince, said “I want something from you.” As incredible as it seems, the creator of the universe wants us to do something for Him. He wants us to spread the Gospel. (Matt: 28:19 & 20 and Mark 16:15)